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'Derby' log cabin
'Derby' log cabin
4,5 x 3 m
34 mm T&G Log cabin
'Brighton' log cabin
'Brighton' log cabin
3x3 / 4x3
34 mm T&G Log cabin

Log cabins

Welcome to our log cabins catalogue. 
Log cabins UK
symbolise a country-style living in an eco-friendly manner.  Please come across a wide range of log cabins for sale bellow.
 Following are some notable facts associated with our products and services:
- Log cabins can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from taking rest in the summer and running your home office to using it as the playroom of your children. With some specific modifications, you can even use them as garden sheds and garages.
- You will have plenty of cabin sizes, styles and wall thicknesses to select from. Some of the common wall thicknesses include 34mm, 44mm and 68mm or double skin. Similarly, you can opt for most popular sizes such as 4x3 m, 5x3 m, 5x5 m, 5x4 m, etc.
- There is also the facility for custom log cabins UK. If you want something different from the existing product line, then send your specific requirements to us. Keep in mind that most aspects of the building can be customised according to your needs.
- Most of the cabins are installed using the purchased kits that include walls, roof boards, doors, windows, screws for wall mounting, installation directions, etc. Bitumen shingles for roof are usually optional.
- When it comes to installation, you can do it yourself by following the instructions provided or take the help of the our fitting team.
- Most of the orders are delivered in 2-3 weeks, whereas the special ones take 3-5 weeks. Please double check the stock situation re exact model by contacting us.
Eurovudas is popular manufacturer with 10 years experience of quality log cabins in the UK !
We are able to offer you FULL INSTALLATION SERVICE.
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If you cant find what you require from our existing range of cabins, you can create your own cabin. Please see Custom cabins here for more info.
When delivered, the log cabin has to be handled off the lorry, so someone must be in to help with unloading.
If you have any questions, please contact us  020 704 371 53.