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'Rome' log cabin
'Rome' log cabin
5x3m, 44mm Log cabin, double glazed!

Best selling log cabin!
'Natali' log cabin
'Natali' log cabin
Log cabin 'Natali' 5x3m, 34mm walls More

Custom size cabins

Now we are happy to annouce what we design and build custom log cabins whatever the size, shape or use. We can customise any of our design specifications for different requirements. You can shoose single or double walls cabins. Twin skin cabins may be made with any gap between the walls, from 50 to 200 mm.
If you do not find your cabin from our existing range (which we ussually keep in stock) then please email your preferable drawings to discuss your requirements. Our specialist would be more than happy to discuss design, style, assembly and delivery questions.
Eurovudas log Cabin company offers very flexible dimensions, we take into account your personal requirements. All models are delivered, as standard, inclusive of glass, pressure impregnated foundation beams and wooden floor 20 mm. 27 mm thickness fluor is optional. The doors are always right-hand ones; if you want your door to open differently, please indicate this on your order  (extra charge maybe be applied). All models from 44 mm are with double glassing as a standart. The larger log cabins can be put to several different uses, such as a surgery and/or home office, as well as a guest room or workshop.
Please see bellow a few cabins from our porfolio. 

44 mm Marco 6x24 log cabin made to measure
44 mm multi room              bespoke Jacaranda log cabin 
44 mm Bilbao 5x5 custom build wooden cabin
Martin 44-50-44 double skin log cabin EV791 made to measure 
Made to measure Martin log cabin floor plan          
 B54/14 double skin log cabin 44-50-44
custom building
  68 mm Karl 6 x 2.4 m bespoke log cabin  

   34 mm OXON 2,44 X 3,07 custom build cabin  
 44-50-44 mm SILVER 7,70 x 8,90 m
 double skin made to measure log cabin
 44-50-44 mm BOSTON 6 x 8 m
 double skin bespoke log cabin