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To complete the overall beauty of your log cabin we can also offer a variety of extras to you such as: verandas, side span roofs and roof shingle. Please feel free to make enquiries at time of your order to find out what is available for your cabin.
Please take a look at our standard bitumen shingles, shapes and colours. Bitumen shingles are the best choice for new or renovated pitched* roofs. They take on a more traditional look, so better suit most log cabins or traditional houses. It is a simple and easy solution which does not require you to reinforce the roof construction. 

Application of bitumen shingles is simple and fast. Our supplied bitumen tiles are self sticking and we believe to be the best quality and price on the market. We offer two standard shapes (Bourne and Hexham) and three colours (green, grey and red) of bitumen tiles, which we usually keep in stock. 
So, delivery of these bitumen tiles will not take long. However, we will be able to supply you with other shapes and colours (including black) Please contact us to check the delivery terms. 

Please note - Hexagonal shingles have a "shadowing" - narrow black line at the top of shape. See more at bitumen shingles in our gallery.
 *Most bitumen shingles require a roof pitch of at least 13 degrees. It is still possible to use these tiles at 10 degrees roof, but without manufacturer guarantee. In this case advice to choose Hexagonal shape.