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Bourne green

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Price 5.90 GBP per 1 m2 excl.  VAT (one pack contains 3 m2 / GBP 17.70 quantity should be dividable by 3).
Natural color of shingles may slightly varry.

• Bitumen shingles are waterproof by nature. 
• Resistant to extreme weather conditions like frost and tropical heat, shingles can be used in all kinds of climates.
• Their light weight allows a lighter roof structure and important savings in the construction of the house.
• Shingles do not require special and expensive accessories.
• Resistant to external factors, they are unaffected by phenomena like rust, normal building movement or high winds.
• Thanks to their flexibility and adaptability they allow designers to use their creativity and imagination without limits; shingles demonstrate their benefits on complicated roofs where ease of application and low wastage make them the ideal roofing material.
• Shingles are available in a wide variety of colours and shapes, which match the style of every building and which blend in with their surroundings.
Shingle roofs absorb the noise made by rain or hail to a large extent.

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Bourne green
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