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'Derby' log cabin
'Derby' log cabin
4,5 x 3 m
34 mm T&G Log cabin
'Brighton' log cabin
'Brighton' log cabin
3x3 / 4x3
34 mm T&G Log cabin

'Luton' log cabin

First step of two
Wall thickness 34 mm T&G Log cabin

• Wall Boards are flat faced with rounded edges;
• Double grooved interlock;
• The corbel of the roof around the whole cabin;
• Front overhang about 1 mtr;
Glazed windows and door with original decorative beading;
• The cabin includes the floor and roof construction;
• The door and the windows can be supplied either left, or right-hand.

Note: Luton 3x3 and 3x4 has a single window in front and double window at the side.
Other measurements got double window at the front and double window at the side.

Veranda is supplied as an optional extra.
* Roofing shingles are supplied as optional extras.
* If you are going to assemble the cabin by yourself, please keep in mind 
that you will need screws and nails to fix floor boards and bitumen shingles

We are now able to offer FULL INSTALLATION SERVICE for our log cabins.
We use only an experienced and fully trained team of installers, who can guarantee
that your log cabin is constructed to the very highest standard.
PLEASE CALL 020 704 37153

Building your log cabin or garden building is easier than you may think, no specialist skills are required to assemble the kit. Detailed instructions accompany each log cabin kit. Piece by piece the components fit together to create a garden structure that is at once appealing and enduring. Thorough preparation is the key to success. Familiarise yourself with the instructions, floor plan, and component list before unloading the pallet. Make sure the ground is firm and level.
Before you begin to build a cabin you should check that you have a complete set of components and logs. Check each piece off against the parts list (see Parts List and Plans) as you remove it from the transit packaging. All logs and parts have a sticker, which will help you to rapidly find it position in log cabin. Please see explification of each wall before. Fist number of wall logs means level, starting from the bottom. Usually one wall corresponds to certain axis on cabin scheme. If, for instance, wall log number on the sticker is 1-B-12 you should read as first log from the bottom, on axis B.
In the unlikely event that there is a missing component, or that a component has been damaged in transit and log is not usable not more, please contact your local supplier, quoting the cabin unique number displayed on the back list of log cabin assembly guide.
They are impregnated with a long-lasting preservative which makes them darker than the other timbers. Check that the cross- diagonals are equal. Equal cross-diagonals mean that your cabin is square.
Follow the cabin assembly guide and erect structure step by step till the roof.
See also similar cabin in 68 mm Plymouth
Roof cover
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'Luton' log cabin
'Luton' log cabin
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