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'Derby' log cabin
'Derby' log cabin
4,5 x 3 m
34 mm T&G Log cabin
'Brighton' log cabin
'Brighton' log cabin
3x3 / 4x3
34 mm T&G Log cabin

'Malta' log cabin

First step of two

- Wall thickness - 44mm;
- Solid wall logs - no fingerjointed logs allowed;
- Wall height - 2,24m;
- Ridge height - 2,95m;
- Terrace dept - 0.982m;
- External dimensions - 5 x 5m;
- Internal dimensions – 4.73 x 3,87m;
- Total area - 25sqm;
- Living area - 18.30sqm;
- Flat walls with slightly rounded beams at the ends ;
- 44mm interlocking wall boards T&G;
- Cabin is produced from nordic pine;
- 4 single leaf casement window – 700 x 1300mm ;
- Double door, fully glazed – 1295 x 1860mm ;
- Adjustable hinges for windows & doors;
- Safety cylinder for doors;
- All windows and doors are double glazed, rubber sealed;

- Roof battens;
- Minimum 18mm roof boards T&G, solid wood;
- Minimum 18-20mm floor boards T&G, fingerjointed;
- Terrace boards included;
- Long screws for wall logs;
- Screws and nails  for roof and floor boards;
- Installation instructions;
- Foundation bearers are impregnated against rot (43x47mm thickness);
- Hi quality self adhesive bitumen tiles - SPECIAL PRICE!
- bitumen roofing felt;

Log cabin comes in 1 flat pack, 6m long. It is a kit of boards which need to be erected on site!

Note : light roof construction suitable for bitumen tiles. If you would prefer another type of coating, please contact us for further information.
The cabin comes not pained in any color. Preservatives should be applied straight after installation.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at:
tel: 020 704 37153

5 x 5 | 3656 ₤ see details
Roof cover
Double french door 2x glazed
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'Malta' log cabin
'Malta' log cabin
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