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'Derby' log cabin
'Derby' log cabin
4,5 x 3 m
34 mm T&G Log cabin
'Brighton' log cabin
'Brighton' log cabin
3x3 / 4x3
34 mm T&G Log cabin

'Plymouth' log cabin

First step of two
 sizes 4x4 / 4x5 / 5x4 / 5x5
Wall thickness 68 mm T&G

- Single 2xglazed door: 85 x 186 cm
- Double 2xglazed  windows: 138 x 91 cm
- Wall Boards are flat faced with softly rounded edges
- Triple grooved interlock
- The corbel of the roof around the whole cabin
- Canopy: 1 m
- Double Glazed windows and door with original decorative beading
- The cabin includes the floor and roof construction

* Veranda is supplied as optional extra.
* Roofing shingles are supplied as optional extras.
* If you are going to assemble the cabin by yourself, please keep in mind
that you will need screws and nails to fix the floor and roof boards and bitumen shingles.
We are now able to offer FULL INSTALLATION SERVICE for our log cabins.
We use only an experienced and fully trained team of installers, who can guarantee 
that your log cabin is constructed to the very highest standard.
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'Plymouth' log cabin
'Plymouth' log cabin
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