What kind of timber is used?
We manufacture cabins from 34mm , 44mm , 68mm also twin skin 44-50-44mm thick wood. Most of the wood is Nordic pine, however might be mixed with fir wood. Wood comes kiln dried up to 14-16% moisture. No OSB used, only solid wood for walls, roof and floor boards can be made from finger jointed wood.
Is the timber painted/treated?
NO, he cabin comes not treated, painted. Unfortunately, we do not offer painting service in the factory. We recommend you paint/treat the wood within 14 days after installation. Just foundation bearers impregnated against rot.
What kind of base is required?
You need to get the proper base ready before installation. Cabins should be put on a flat surface (concrete base), as foundation bearers we supply are 47x47mm. If you intent to put the cabin up on post - please confirm that when placing an order and we will include higher foundation bearers (for an extra charge)
I cant find the size/style cabin I need - do you make custom buildings?
Absolutely! All standard models can be altered also we can design and manufacture bespoke garden buildings. Please send your request and a rough sketch to get a price offer.
What are warranty terms and conditions?
Manufacturers warranty covers 5 years warranty for all timber parts-anti rot warranty, 1 year warranty for windows and doors, 1 year warranty for hardware of windows and doors. To get manufacturers warranty cabin must be assembled strictly according installation instructions
Warranty only covers log cabins that have been completely impregnated and painted from outside and inside.

Can the cabin be made with full length glass in windows and doors, without Georgian bars?
Yes, all cabins can be made with full length glass in windows and doors, for more modern look. Standard cabins are manufactured with windows and doors with Georgian bars, unless agreed upon placing an order

What kind of roof covering will I get with the cabin?
No roof covering is included in the cabin set/price. Just the timber boards for the roof. We offer bitumen tiles for an extra cost as optional extra for all apex roof cabins. Unfortunately the bitumen tiles we sell are not suitable for pent roofs, as the angle is less than 10 degrees. We can offer bitumen tiles, however without warranty. If you order a pent roof cabin, we advice you buy hi quality roofing felt locally.